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Spotify Premium Code Generator


How does the Spotify Premium Code Generator works

Actually Its no rocket science but rather simple actually , much like our other generators it purchases the Spotify Premium Code at no cost, Stores it on our secure server and Displays the spotify premium codes from our server directly to the end user with 256bit encryption connection, just so you know you are safe. 


Download the latest and updated version of the software , and the databases are updated almost every day with fresh codes. Updated : May 2013


It is no longer possible to download via Spotify music. The streaming music service has this option, which was only available in Europe, put stop. Why Spotify option is no longer offered, is not known. Numbers that have already been downloaded, can still be played.

That Spotify stop offering downloads to European customers, it is clear from the FAQs that can be found on the website of the service. "Currently we have no option for buying new downloads on Spotify, but you can download that you've already still use ', reports the music service in the faq section.

Gift Certificates
Songs that were all ready for download, but not yet won, are still just won. Also gift certificates for specific downloads remain just valid.

Spotify started as a service that offers streaming music. The company later introduced a subscription. European users were thereby given the option to download music. Outside Europe, that option never existed.

Why Spotify option is no longer offered, is not known. In May 2011 the service was announced with great fanfare as a major competitor to iTunes. Spotify began in 2006 with the music service and is now one of the largest providers of music on the Internet.

Instructions for using the Spotify Premium Code Generator Download the Spotify Premium Code Generator
Run it and choose how many months you wish to search the server and click the generate key

It will search the server for the spotify Code Displays it in the output box 
Visit Spotify Official website and Redeem Your Code.

Changelog for Free Spotify Premium Code Generator 2.1
Updated interface for the Generator and Activator
Connection bug fixed
Search pattern and percent of codes found increased

Advanced Parser added

Upcoming updates to will bring it up to the latest of our v2.2 generators and make it much more effective at finding codes . It will get the new user interface as well and auto updating feature like our other programs . For now its updated with the latest working API and is better then ever. stay tuned for the updates and new version of the  spotify premium code generator.

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